“What you value and believe in… chisels and forms your character.”

-Brianna Gazvoda (Pennsylvania)

Respected Seniors, my Professional Colleagues and Student Friends

I am truly honoured to have been entrusted with the responsibility of chairing Nashik Branch of WIRC of ICAI for the year 2015-16. I am obliged to you, all the Members at large, and especially to my Managing Committee colleagues, who have shown their trust and confidence in me. It is a moment of immense pride for me to lead this prestigious, vibrant and active team of Members and Students.

Well, as I take up the baton, it’s already the time for celebration andwe have more than a few reasons! Team Nashik have recently bagged various awards at National Level (A First for Nashik Branch) and at WIRC Level.

  • For the first time in the history of Nashik Branch, we have received national accolades! We have received “HIGHLY COMMENDABLE WICASA BRANCH” at National Level and we can’t thank enough the pioneering and continuous efforts of the outgoing WICASA Chairman, CA Sarang Dhoke! He hassled from the front and taken Nashik WICASA to such stupendous heights at National Level. Thanks to Team WICASA, and especially CA Sohil Shah and CA Harshal Surana who have contributed in a big way in all the activities of WICASA throughout the year.

  • “HIGHLY COMMENDABLE WIRC BRANCH”- Our branch has scored a hat-trick, as we have bagged this award for 3rd time in row! Many congratulations to the outgoing Branch Chairman, CA Vikrant Kulkarni, for leading the branch to achieve this astounding feat.

  • “BEST WICASA BRANCH OF WIRC” –Kudos again to CA Sarang Dhoke and WICASA team for their outstanding achievement and efforts in WICASA activities!

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