Learners never fail.

Learning is never complicated or difficult.

Learning is always possible whatever rule you apply.

Respected Senior and Dear Professional Colleagues,

‘Will’ is the ability to make conscious choice. We all have free will and make our own choices, even if these are to obey the commands of others. And such strong will power will surely lead us to achieve the things which we many a times discard as not possible. Its far better to carry out our deeds with strong power rather than to lame towards the goal set with excuses. When our hobby and passion becomes our profession, we will be able to lead up to excellence in the life. Satisfaction, pleasure, joy and love will be the outcome of all this.

I am really happy and satisfied to share that the team efforts of Managing Committee have materialized and we have got first reduced rate bill of MSEDCL. The rate is being revised from Rs. 13.01 per unit to Rs. 7.68 per unit. As an enduring benefit, this will help in substantial reduction of electricity cost at Branch.

The batch for Certification Course on Concurrent Audit was successfully completed in the month of May. Further, on student’s front, the branch has successfully conducted CPT mock test by record break participation of 610 students. As I move, after successful competition of first CPT coaching batch, the branch is planning its second CPT coaching batch in the month of July. I appeal all the members to encourage students for joining the same.

As we gear up to the good monsoon as predicted by forecasts, the market and economy is all set on revival and we surely plan towards this optimism. We have already set our hands on multi-facet works of our client related to income tax returns, tax audit, applications and workings under Income Disclosure Scheme, 2016, The Direct Tax Dispute Resolution Scheme, 2016 and MVAT Amnesty scheme for withdrawal of appeals. Nashik Branch is happy to announce the two days National Tax Conference on 17th and 18th June where the expertise of eminent speakers will be displayed and enrich our knowledge on some of these issues. Further, the Nashik Branch announces it’s eagerly awaiting RRC at Ahmedabad – Akshardham in the last week of June. I request all the members to pedal up for the registration as the registration will be provided on first come basis. As we gear up for preparation of Chartered Accountants Day on 1st July, I would like to share that; cultural evening is planned at Kalidas Kala Mandir on 30th June. I appeal all the CA members to come forward for active participation of members and their family. I request members and their family to apply for the auditions as early as possible.

Last year’s enthusiasm towards the Box Cricket Tournament was overwhelming and let me hope the same will continue in this season in the first weekend of July where the branch is planning to host Regional Box Cricket.

As I conclude, I wish to appeal all the colleagues to stand committed towards environment protection and hand over the clean and healthy environment to our next generation. Let us all be committed to save water, use it judiciously, plant more trees and recycle the waste.

“If communication dies, everything dies. Each word has impact and value in communication.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Your Sincerely,                                                                                                    CA Ravi Rathi,                                                                                                        Chairman