Respected Senior and Dear Professional Colleagues,

Someone asked a saint “who are the happiest people?”
These were the four suitable examples provided
– A craftsman or artist whistling over a job well done
– A child building sand castles
– A mother bathing her baby
– A chartered accountant who has just successfully completed the assignment within the deadline and helped his client against the tax complications

Happiness is certainly not in possessions and power. It lies in the work done with the heart and utmost sincerity. I wish all my colleagues such endeavoured happiness.

The long delayed GST Constitution bill is about to be passed by Parliament, marking a historic step for tax reforms. As Hon Prime Minister said, “The GST will make the consumer KING”, we hope the compliance mechanism also makes them feel the same. Finally the country is moving to “one country one tax” regime. As a professional and the partner in nation’s development, we all gear up now for the implementation of GST and helping the tax payers to smoothly transit from old regime to GST.

The month of July was a significant at Branch as lots of activities were being conducted. The euphoria of Youth Festival was witnessed by the members and students in large numbers and it led to a deep bonding between all the students, members and their families. It was a proud privilege to celebrate the Flag Hoisting at the branch on Chartered Accountants Day. We had been overwhelmingly supported by the members, which was followed by a day full of social activities. The branch successfully conducted blood donation camp and was able to provide more than 125 numbers of blood bags to Jankalyan Blood Bank. I sincerely appreciate the participation of the donors. It was being followed by the distribution Literacy Kits to under privileged children in the remote areas of Nashik. The happiness on the faces of children gave us all lot of satisfaction and peace. I sincerely thank to all participants for the same. We were able to add to a social cause by taking a step ahead in Swacha Bharat Abhiyan. The Branch held a public meet along with the office bearers of Income Tax Department on the Income Disclosure Scheme. The most adorable event of Box Cricket got very successfully completed in the midst of heavy rains. The enthusiasm of the participant students and members was overwhelming. I congratulate the winners and all the participants. On 23rd July, the Annual General Meeting was being held followed by CA Spandan with the family members. On a very same day, we inaugurated the most awaited ‘Mural’ with the concept of “Evolution of Profession”, by the hands of all the beloved members of the Nashik branch. I again sincerely thanks for all the enthusiastic participation.

It is truly said that “Happiness is a State of Mind”. A disturbed mind can never be happy. A peaceful mind, a mind at rest can be happy. As children, generally our minds were at rest. Any disturbance also did not last for long. Let us decide not to grieve about the past or be tensed about the future and look the world at wonder-filled eyes.

At the conclusion, we all wish all the very best to all the participants in the Rio Olymics and pray and cheer for numerous medals to India. Go India. Give your best.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                Your Sincerely,                                                                                                    CA Ravi Rathi,                                                                                                        Chairman