Chairman's Communication

I express my gratitude to esteemed fellow brethren in the Nashik Branch for an opportunity to serve as Chairman of the Nashik Branch.  It would be my endeavour to render the best of selfless efforts for the profession.   I must assure you that there would be no dilution in my efforts to take the Nashik Branch to newer zeniths.

Almost a year has been very difficult for everyone to survive in a pandemic situation. Some lost their jobs, some have lost their dear ones but still stood firm and fought this battle, but it’s still not over, and we have worked and succeeded to control this disease to date, although we should not take any risky decision.

“You learn more from failure than success”. Everyone has learned from this terrifying past and now it’s time to implement the knowledge, ideas, and efforts for the upcoming future and make it positive and vivid. We had organized many events for the knowledge sharing of our members and I w ...

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