As you all aware that Nashik Branch is organizing Annual Mega Sports Event 2015.

We are trying to make it a really an golden event in the history of Nashik branch in which maximum number of members contribute in one or the other way; taking forward this mind-set following is put forward for all the CA Firms of Nashik.

As all are aware that branch will be hosting following sports during Annual Mega Sports Event i.e.

  • Fast Walk
  • Cricket
  • Foot Ball
  • Badminton
  • Table Tennis
  • Carom
  • Chess
  • Running
  • Tug of War
  • Sack Race
  • Cycling

To increase more and more participation from all the corners, we are keeping these individual trophies for Naming and Sponsorship by any CA Firm by giving its name to the specific sports competition in following manner

Fast Walk “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Walkers
Cricket “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Champions Trophy
Foot Ball “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Champions Trophy
Badminton “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Badminton League
Table Tennis “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Table Tennis Champs
Carom “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Carom Kings
Chess “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Chess Masters
Running “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Runners Cup
Tug of War “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Tug of War Winner
Sack Race “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Sack Racers
Cycling “FIRM NAME” – Sponsored Nashik CA Peddlers

The Firm will be able to give their names by paying following amount of sponsorships

Sports competition Sponshorship Amount
Fast Walk Rs. 11000/-
Cricket Rs. 25000/-
Foot Ball Rs. 7500/-
Badminton Rs. 7500/-
Table Tennis Rs. 7500/-
Carom Rs. 5000/-
Chess Rs. 5000/-
Running Rs. 2500/-
Tug of War Rs. 2500/-
Sack Race Rs. 2500/-
Cycling Rs. 5000/-

The slots will be allotted on first come first serve basis on the receipt of payments in favour of “ Nashik Branch of WIRC of ICAI”


Initially 1 Firm will be allowed to give sponsorship for 1 sport only, so that more and more number of firms will get opportunity for giving such sponsorsh
In the event till 6th FEB 2015 none of the firms have sponsored any specific sport then such sport will be available for providing sponsorship by those who are already sponsoring any another sport.
A representative from sponsoring firm will have to be present at the award ceremony for giving away the respective sports trophies to the winners.

Managing Committee urges all the members to come forward and sponsor the championship of your choice.

The FIRM means and includes PARTNERSHIP FIRM as well as PROPRIETARY CONCERNS or Individual CA’s or by family of CA’s in the memory of CA Member.