Chairman's Communication

Dear Professional colleagues,

"A river cuts through a rock not because of its power, but because of its persistence." Having believed in the said saying as well as having applied it in my life, I would like to thank you all for your undying support and faith which presented us today whereby I can address you as Chairman of the esteemed Nashik branch of WIRC for the 1st time.

 It is, indeed, an honour to be bestowed with the torch of leadership of our esteemed branch. To me, it’s also an emotional moment as Nashik branch is home to me and working for it is not work but my passion. And it is with this passion and zeal that, I along with my honourable team, intend to take the branch to newer heights.

Last few years have witnessed humongous developments in terms of branch activities, right from quality to quantity. The young and dynamic past Chairman .viz CA Milan Lunawat, CA Vikas Hase, CA Ravi Rathi, CA Anand Zawar, have all taken the branch to newer horizons. The branch is almost a living spirit due to their efforts. I wish to continue the legacy with my humble steps.

In order to reach a destination, one needs a vision. Making “Embodying Efforts, Empowering Success” as my Mantra for 2019-20, I present my vision statement for the year:

Members Agenda 

Representation to Government Authorities

Establishing an interactive platform with Regulators, Authorities and Industry bodies. It is the need of the hour to reach the voice of CA’s to the Government Regulators, Authorities and Industry bodies viz – Income Tax Department, GST Department, Bank Council, MACCIA, FICCI, CII, Etc. I intend to ensure the alignment of the government thought process with that of the CA community.

Offer assistance to WIRC & Council in arranging National Conventions at Nashik

Setting up a platform to promote various regional and national activities in Nashik which will provide multi dimensional overview and Value addition to members at large.

Members - Education helpline (Bank Audits, TP, Assessments, etc)

With the Constantly changing tax structures, tax rates and fiscal laws, etc. I would like to implement an online helpline to enable every one of us to address the issues faced in day to day interpretation of various tax laws and other laws. I would like to prepare and operate panel of KPO wherein every CA (whether or not in practice) can get on call support from the Nashik Branch for day to day tax and other laws queries resolving.

Members Zero tolerance – UDIN

With the implementation of UDIN I would personally take this herculean task to get it implemented with zero tolerance across Nashik. My Mission is to ensure that not a single certificate shall be issued without UDIN and I would sincerely stand by the UDIN process. A crystal clear certification system will help to enhance the image of CA’s in current affairs.

New Members – Special Robust Mock Interview Session

It is observed that students qualified from Nashik face various challenges in competing at the interview sessions in metro cities. I would like to implement a robust interview training session in order to enhance the caliber of Nashik students. I believe a hardcore Mock interview at Nashik will help the freshly qualified CA’s to compete efficiently in Metro cities.

Portal for Freshly qualified Members in Practice

To reduce the hardships faced by newly qualified CA’s in Practice we would like to derive a platform wherein the New entrants to profession can get assignments from senior members in practice and the seniors in practice can get help of new members in growing the scope in practice. Further, I am also keen towards working towards improvement of managerial skills of our beginners in CA fraternity.

Women Empowerment

Admiring the potential Women Chartered Accountants possess, I would work towards setting up flexible working opportunities for women. Such professional prospects will help us to scale our women chartereds, branch and as well as community to huge pinnacle.

Students Agenda 

Grooming of Articled Assistants – to Upgrade standards

I would like to have a special drive to educate all the students entering into the CA course, of the importance of articleship. I would like to educate the students on how to select the Firm / industry for their articleship needs.

Upgrading the Library / Study Room

Looking at the existing usage of the Library and the number of students benefited from the same I would also like to build and operate a state of Art Library / Study room.

Upgrading the Coaching Facilities at Branch

Analyzing the existing success of the coaching facilities @ branch level I would like to enhance and empower the students by implementing the Virtual Classroom Facilities at Branch.

Several activities are also to be encompassed along with the above mentioned vision, which includes joint seminars with other organizations/authorities, tie-up with different book publications, conducting career counseling programs, planning industrial visits, promoting E-learning, tie-up with various service vendors. The motto behind the action plan is promoting professional unity and carrying the legacy ahead. With this vision, I would also present my Action plan for the year in the upcoming newsletter.

My dear professional colleagues, our nation is witnessing historic moments, with the 2nd leg of surgical strikes, rumoured death of JEM head Ajhar Masud, but most of all it celebrated the gallontary and bravado of Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. His return was celebrated like a festival. In these turbulent times it is all the more important to be vigilant and dutiful in our own respective professions, thereby playing our role in nation building.

At the brink of this communication, I would like to take your leave by quoting our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji,

"Mana k andhera ghana hai,

Magar diyaa jalana kaha mana hai!"


Best wishes,

CA Harshal Surana


Nashik Branch of WIRC, ICAI

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