Chairman's Communication

THE JOURNEY IS LONG, BUT THE GOAL IS IN EACH STEP Respected Senior and Dear Professional Colleagues,

First of all I would like to thank you all & all my committee members for reposing faith in me & allowing me to lead Nashik branch as a Chairman…

All Past chairman’s of Nashik branch has set various milestones in the history of branch & I am sure with the support of yours, all managing committee members & most importantly all staff members of branch this year also we will the branch to newer heights…

Being a chairman I want to share with you the roadmap of the year ahead. I will share with you only the new things we are going to starts in the year other than our regular seminar, workshops & meetings. In regular seminars also we are planning that it should be more practical oriented & we will ensure that best faculties on the subjects will be in Nashik during year ahead…

Before going into that I just want to share with you all that we are celebrating International women’s day as “Empowered Women’s Week”. The various programs are lined up in this celebration. I request you all to please go through the circular mailed & participate in all activities in large number.

Roadmap of the year…

Coming to the roadmap of the year ahead I am just going to discuss only about the activities which are new to the branch i.e. activities other than Members regular seminars, workshops & students Seminar, GMCS, Orientation, GMCS, Mock tests etc. In that also we will assure that more practical seminars & workshops will be conducted & best faculties on the subjects will be invited.

3 magical words…

The roadmap of the year is based on only 3 magical words of anyone’s life & these 3 words are Health, Wealth & if we have both the abovementioned things we have to utilize the same for none other than Happiness…

  Wealth of Knowledge:-

1st I would like to deal with 2nd aspect out of 3 i.e. wealth.. As far as CAs are concern their biggest wealth is their Knowledge they have & with that they can earn anything they want. To increase knowledge wealth apart from regular seminar, workshops we are adding 4 additional activities in our annual calendar of Nashik branch.

Study Groups:-

We are planning 3 study groups. 1st will be of Income tax, 2nd will be of VAT / GST & 3rd will be of Company Law. The basic 3 reasons behind staring these study groups is 1st is to study & discuss various circulars & notifications issued by department time to time, 2nd is to discuss & solve various professional difficulties members facing in their professional practice & 3rd which is most important reason is to develop local faculties i.e. to make stage available to CAs. Which in turn beneficial to them to get various opportunities in teaching field, giving lectures at various forums.

Intensive Seminars:-

We are planning 12 intensive courses on various subjects which will be 100% practical oriented & will definitely add value to capacity building of CAs. We have already identified some topics for the same & we will also take suggestions from Nashik CAs about topics of their interest for seminars, Workshops & intensive courses to be taken.

Factory Acts & other allied Laws: -

As per my opinion practice under Factory Acts & other allied Laws is remained untapped by us. Hardly any members are doing practice in this area in which we have readymade access. In year ahead we are going to focus on this untapped practice area by organizing regular seminars on various acts, organizing interactive meetings with these departments etc.

Women Members Flexi Working Portal

On 8th March we have planned inauguration of Women Members Flexi Working Portal of Nashik branch. Portal will help women members of the Nashik branch find suitable opportunities including part-time / flexi-hours jobs, or jobs with work from home option. As on date, female CA’s constitute near about 15 per cent of the total CA members of Nashik branch. This portal will not only serve the interest of women members but will also enable Chartered Accountant firms and industry to tap talent pool which might not be accessible otherwise in normal course.

Newsletter: -

We are working on making branch’s monthly E-newsletter more informative & useful to members. We are making addition of 4 new things to the newsletter apart from regular columns of existing newsletter. 1st the monthly E-newsletter will be topic specific now which will contain detailed information about respective topic. 2nd We are also adding one more column to the newsletter I.e. Know your authorities in which we will be publishing the interviews of various Income Tax, MVAT, Co op. Dept. authorities. 3rd List of section wise important Case laws & judgments in the favor of assesses will also be provided in the newsletter. All this things will definitely make the E-newsletter must refer & give value addition to the knowledge of members.

60 Study Groups meetings, 12 intensive courses of 4-5 days each, Monthly sessions & interactive meetings on various factory acts & allied laws other than regular seminars, workshops, webcasts etc. will definitely ensure the achievement of 1st aspect out of 3 i.e. Wealth of knowledge.


Coming to the most important aspect out of 3 i.e. health we have some plans if supported by members which in turn help CAs to get fit & healthy.

CA Trekkers Club: -

We have already indentified some really beautiful treks which will be visited during the year. I am happy to share that our 1st adventure RRC to Manali going during the month of June get overwhelming response & we have already closed registrations for the same. I request you all to take membership of our CA trekkers club & start process of transformation towards healthier life.

Yoga, Pranayam, Healthy Life Style:-

We are also planning some workshops on YOGA, Pranayam, Sessions healthy life style etc. which will defiantly benefit our members in large.


As per my own Philosophy happiness comes from joy of giving what we have to the needy one. We have lined up many social activities which in turn add value to brand ICAI in year ahead.

  Investor awareness Campaign

As you all are aware about various financial scams taking place in & around Nashik, We are planning to launce Investor awareness Campaign across Nashik District with Local Newspaper.

Mission 100

We are planning to launce Mission 100 which includes Minimum 100 Career Counseling sessions to rural area schools & colleges. I appeal to you all to kindly send the names of schools / colleges where we can take this kind of sessions which in turn to be helpful to students in rural area to know the various avenues available to commerce field.

Health Check up facilities at tribal area

Nashik is surrounded by tribal area & even today also peoples of tribal area are facing issues of health facilities. Dedicated team who has interest to do this kind of activity is ready to work upon it. I know that many of us are doing the things which I mentioned above but if we all try to do it collectively we can achieve much more.

Scholarships for needy but talented students

I have come across various CA students that due to weak financial position they are forced to discontinue CA in between. We are planning to start scholarships to these needy but talented students. I request you all to come forward for this noble cause. Subcommittee is already working on modalities of the scholarships. The details about the same will be sent to you in due course.

Tie up with bank to provide hassle free educational loan facility to CA students

We are in talk with some banks to provide hassle free educational loan facility to CA students. Banks are also positive & outcome is expected in the month of April 17.

Suggestions & Feedback

To connect each member with branch we are adding one Tab of Suggestions & Feedback on our website which in turn allows members &students to give suggestion to the branch so that branch activities will be more members & Student oriented.

Life time Achievement Award

We are planning to start “Life time Achievement award” to our CA members who have crossed 60 Years of age in the presence of CAs & family members of CAs. It will be small token of gratitude from branch for the services rendered by the chartered accountants to firmly raising the brand ICAI over the period.

I know that the leading as chairman of Nashik branch is biggest responsibility ever but I am sure that with the support of members & students of Nashik branch I will come above the expectations..

Thank you

Your's Sincerely,

CA Vikas Hase,


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