Chairman's Communication

CA. Rajendra Vishram Shete, Chairman

Nashik Branch of WIRC of ICAI

Dear Professional Colleagues,

The Nashik Branch conducted the 39th Annual General Meeting on 27th July 2021 at 11.00 am. The event was graced by Superintendent of Police CA Sachin Patil (IPS), who also guided the members on Cyber Crime and Security. We had conducted this event at Branch premises and many members personally attended the event with full of joy.
I thank all the members for their participation in the Annual General Meeting and hope that our work has satisfied the likes and interests of the members. To serve the members and see that we serve the profession in all the manners is our utmost motto.

In the last month, we had conducted many events and sessions on many subjects covering Office Management, office on the cloud, Co-operative Audit, RERA Registration, and Impact on Multi-Disciplinary Firm. I thank all the members for their whole-hearted participation in large numbers. We are in a phase wherein we would like to encourage the local speakers and try
to see that we develop local talent who will only make the name of Nashik Branch to a greater height.
This is the year of election for ICAI. Where there is an election, there is politics, and ICAI has no exception for that. I urge all the members to vote in the upcoming elections and see that we follow our duty towards the Institute and towards our country. We as the members of the institute and qualified person can very well understand and wise members will take an appropriate decision.

We will be celebrating the 75th Independence Day of our country this August, I wish all the members a very happy Independence Day and wish that every citizen of our country lives a free and independent life of his own Choice. We should take a pledge this Independence Day, to take all the
precautions and see that we become a Corona-free country as early as possible. August is also the month of many festivals. I wish you all, happy several holy festivals during this month.

Stay safe, stay healthy. Best wishes.


Best Regards,
Yours Sincerely,
CA. Rajendra Shete